How to Spend a Weekend in Arles

Quaint, rich with history, under the radar. Often overlooked, Arles is certain to charm every traveler who steps foot in its town. Just a stone’s throw away from the Camargue Regional Natural Park, Arles is conveniently located for an escape into nature. And an ancient Roman city, this town has history sprinkled throughout its paths. Don’t just take our word for it: artists including Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin spent notable time in Arles, too. With the help of Provence Tour, you can spend the most idyllic weekend in Arles, among family, friends or couples. 

Wander the Arles Amphitheater

Credit: Round Trip

At first glance, you might think you’re in Rome, and you wouldn’t be the first to think that. Built in the first century A.D., the Arles Amphitheater was inspired by the Colosseum, according to the region’s tourism site. The amphitheater’s purpose has drastically evolved over the centuries: a place for shows and fights at its conception; a fortified city of its own during the Middle Ages; bullfighting arena in the 1800s; and Camargue races today. Our guide will take you on a private tour and share the long history of this city’s arena.

Take a private painting class

During his stint in Arles, famed artist Vincent Van Gogh found inspiration in southern France. We don’t blame him. He created nearly 200 pieces during his year in Arles, according to Go South France. Take a page from Van Gogh’s book, and explore your creative side under the Provençal sun with a private painting class. Let the lighthearted, leisurely pace of southern France guide your paintbrush.

Credit: Round Trip

Stay at La Régalido 

A short drive from Arles, la Régalido promises charm and comfort for your weekend. Boasting four stars, this boutique hotel offers sophisticated decor and thoughtful furnishings. Opt for a Superior Room, and enjoy your morning coffee on its private terrace. 

As lush as the rooms may be, we’re certain that you’ll be itching to explore the rest of the property. Indulge in a romantic couple’s massage or a detox clay facial at La Régalido’s spa. Treat yourself to a glass of local wine at the hotel’s cellar. Book a table at la Table d’Hôtes d’Emma, which is named after the owners’ daughter.  Or even better, we’ll reserve it for you so that you can focus on simply enjoying the chef’s marinated trout.

Dine at l’Arlatan 

With Michelin recognition, l’Arlatan is sure to please. Bathed in bright colors and geometric patterns yet boasting Middle Ages history, this hotel-meets-restaurant makes quite the impression at first glance. Once you open the menu, we know you’ll be sold on its mojama, or sliced tuna, and taureau cromesquis, or a bull appetizer covered in batter. Or come for apéro with a fancy cocktail at its bar. We recommend sipping on the William Shakes Pear, a Mezcal-based cocktail with pear, lemon and verbena flavors.

Meet a Provençal cowboy

Step aside, Woody. During your weekend in Arles, you can have a private tour of a farm on the Camargue. Our driver will pick you up and handle all the logistics, and you can just enjoy exploring the beauty of the Camargue. The region is particularly known for its taureau, or bull. Learn from this Provençal cowboy about his daily work, traditions and livestock. Finish the tour with a private meal on his property.

Sip on champagne at the Abbey of Montmajour

More than 1000 years ago, Benedictine monks founded this abbey. You will marvel at this majestic historical site, featuring a wide range of art styles from Pre-Romanesque to Neoclassicism. With Provence Tour, we’ll set up a private tour after closing time, and you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of champagne and snack on some hors d’oeuvres. Van Gogh also featured this place in some of his masterpieces, according to the abbey’s site.

Arles may get less screen time than Paris and its neighboring villages in the Riviera, but you’re sure to spend a ravishing weekend in Arles. From the beautiful Camargue nearby to its Roman past, from Van Gogh’s inspiration to exquisite dining, Arles is sure to whisk you away with its Provençal charm.

Provence Tour offers unique and glamorous experiences as we showcase magnificent and rare highlights of the charming region of Provence.

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