8 Best Summer Activities in Provence

The region of Provence boasts of year-round sights and experiences. But in the summer, this region offers an enchantment of its own. From the blooming lavender to the charming markets, this region embodies the season of summer. From the beautiful Mediterranean to the bustling nightlife, Provence is waiting to be explored. And with the long summer days, you have even more daylight to experience it all. We’re sharing some of the best summer activities in Provence to add to your itinerary.

1. Hike in the Calanques

Nothing says summer in Provence like a hike through the Calanques. Our driver will take you to the village of Cassis, where you’ll be able to access the stunning Calanque d’En-Vau. These rocky inlets overlook the Mediterranean sea. And during your hike, you’ll be able to admire the sweeping views and inhale the fresh sea air. The hike will lead you down to a small creek where you can cool off with a much deserved swim.

2. Enjoy a wine tasting at sunset

There’s something to be said for drinking a glass of wine, not just at any restaurant table but in the vineyard where its grapes were grown. From temperature to grape variety, the complex winemaking process is a reflection of its terroir

At Bouachon le Pavillon at Châteauneuf du Pape, you can explore the domain and its wines in the way that fits you best. Fancying a workshop on pairing wines and cheeses? Hoping to ride a Segway around the vineyard? Dreaming of a picnic with local ingredients such as sardines and pâtés to pair with your wine? With Provence Tour, all of this is possible. We’ll organize the perfect outing so that your day can finish with a backdrop of a Provençal sunset.

3. Dine on a terrasse 

In a country known for its gastronomy, the region of Provence is no exception. And during the summer, it means enjoying a tasty meal out on a terrasse. Sitting at a table with loved ones over a long meal with local ingredients is the essence of French culture. Namely in Provence, the best way to enjoy a meal is slowly and thoughtfully. And with a view, too! 

The region is filled with many terrasses with sophisticated menus and crafted cuisine. But we’re certain that a meal at Les Trois Forts has exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. Under the direction of Chef Alexandre Auger, you will be tempted by his lobster paired with saffron gnocchi  or perhaps his chocolate soufflé. All to be enjoyed with a view of the Old Harbor and Fort Saint Jean. 

4. Paddle board at the Gorges du Verdon

This river canyon promises turquoise waters and postcard views. For those looking for more active options, Provence Tour can reserve paddle boards so that you can experience the Gorges du Verdon in a unique way. Or perhaps canoes or kayaks! No matter your choice, we’re certain that this will be the perfect way to cool off during your summer stay in Provence.

Credit: Round Trip Travel

5. Wander the lavender fields

Summer is the perfect time to visit Provence as the lavender will be in full bloom. Lavender is typically harvested in August. So the best time to visit is right before harvest time to see purple enveloping the fields. One of our favorite places to explore the lavender fields is in Valensole. Our driver will take you to these fields so that you stop and smell the lavender. And, of course, take plenty of photos.

6. Take a private boat cruise

One of the best summer activities in Provence is spending time on the sea. Provence Tour will set up a private boat tour so that you can visit several exquisite calanques. On your private boat cruise, you’ll drool over the beautiful rock formations. Your private boat tour will dock at one of its creeks where you’ll dive into the blue waves and enjoy the Provençal sun.

7. Cool off with a glass of pastis 

It wouldn’t be fair to share our list of the best summer activities in Provence without pastis. This anise-flavored liqueur is the drink of choice in Provence. It’s best enjoyed diluted with water on a terrasse. Or perhaps you’d like to cool off even more with pastis-flavored ice cream. Located in Marseille, Le Métropole is an artisan ice cream shop that offers regional flavors such as pastis, fleur d’oranger and lavender. 

8. Explore the weekly markets in Aix-en-Provence

For some, it’s about a scrumptious meal with Michelin stars. For others, it’s about a daring adventure like boating. But for some, it’s about living like the locals. In the charming town of Aix-en-Provence, you can experience regional culture by wandering its markets. Stroll through the market at ​​Place Richelme and search out fresh, local produce. On the Cours Mirabeau, you can meander through different artisan stands offering clothing, books, linens and other local products on select days of the week.

Credit: Round Trip Travel

Whether you fancy the water or an adventure in nature, a meal crafted of regional ingredients or a glass of local wine, look no further. The region of Provence has activities for every type of traveler. And the season of summer is one of the best times to discover the luxury of Provence.

Provence Tour offers unique and glamorous experiences as we showcase magnificent and rare highlights of the charming region of Provence.

Our private drivers have expert knowledge of the region and will happily guide you and answer any questions you may have about the area. Indulge in an authentic and customized guided day tour with an opportunity to see Provence’s hidden treasures, such as the lavish lavender fields, various picturesque villages, and significant historical sites.

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